Pun’s Food.Sumikkogurashi

Pun’s Food.Sumikkogurashi


1 May – 31 Aug 2022

Lasonic work together with Pun’s Food to create a Sumikkogurashi themed restaurant from May 1 to August 31, providing Sumikkogurashi meals, cute photo booth and limited-time products.

There are a lot of decorations and furnishings in Pun’s Food, and you can find them in every corner, Shirokuma, Tonkatsu, Tokage, Neko, Penguin? You can enjoy delicious food with a group of characters.


Pun’s Food  perfectly integrates Sumikkogurashi into its own Taiwanese cuisine. Tankatsu Fried Pork Ribs & Brasied Pork Rice, Neko Uni Shumai, Penguin? Mushroom Dumpling, Sumikkogurashi Buns. And refreshing Drinks, Shirokuma Strawberry Milk With Cheese Milk Cap, Hokori Sesame Cappuccino With Sesame Gelato, Zassou Genmaicha Frappe Cheese Milk Cap, Sumikkogurashi Taro Rice Ball desserts

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